Cockroach Gel

Each Cockroach feeding on Gel will kill up to 50 other roaches via droppings and dead bodies. Roaches are cannibalistic and will eat other dead or dying roaches. The roaches are not social insects like ants and termites, they do not carry the bait back to feed the young. When baiting is important to re- bait in the areas where the the roaches are taking the bait. Paying attention to this will speed up the process.


Flying insect killer

Available in four different models , Imported tubes like Phillips from Holland Hitachi from Japan with correct radiation. The light rays emitted by the tubes are not harmful to human beings as the frequency is very low . Available in both Wall mounted as well as ceiling mounting.

Our high efficacy insect killer machine is precisely designed to destroy the flying insects and assures insect free atmosphere. Flying insect killer machine is based on the principle of hypnotism that ensures complete protection from the insects.



These spray insecticides make effective residual control and fast killing of crawling pests (e. G. Cockroaches, fleas, ants, silverfish) and flying pests(e. G. Flies, mosquitoes, moths). It is suitable to use in a variety of situations such as homes, hotels, offices, shops, garbage bins, etc. It is an ideal product to kill pests and clean enviroments. It's safer and no hurt to human body.

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